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Once your time in service comes to an end and you are preparing to re-enter civilian life, military divisions may offer you and your spouse a chance to attend specialized workshops to help with your transition. Information provided includes: job-searches, career guidance, unemployment assistance, current occupation and labor market conditions, disability transition education, and more. Below is a compiled list of some of the programs offered and a brief description of who will benefit by attending each.


Check with your command to find out which ones are available and apply to you.


  • Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP)
    Military service members who are believed to be leaving the military with a service-connected disability or who have a VA memorandum rating 10% or more and will be filing claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


  • Officers Under Twenty (OUT) Program
    Any commissioned officer contemplating separation with less than twenty years of active service and leaving with non-retirement status.


  • Pre-Retirement Seminars
    Officers, enlisted persons, and their spouses who are contemplating retirement within two years.


  • Transition Assistance Deployment Program (TADP) Service members currently on deployment who will be leaving the military within twelve months.


  • Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
    All active duty service members and their spouses within one year of separation, retirees, reservists, and all civil service personnel.


  • Twenty Five +
    Active duty service members and their spouses who have or will have twenty-five years or more of service and are contemplating retirement.


  • Veterans Affairs Assistance Program (VAAP)
    Service members leaving the military with physical conditions or limitations and who are pending a PEB.

* While The Military Veteran strives to keep the most up-to-date information, we can not guarantee the complete accuracy of such provided. All data utilized has been gathered through research of the Department of Veterans Affairs and other government agencies.
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