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Wecome Military Personnel and families.

Encouraging your visit and ongoing participation, we will become your #1 source for military and veteran information! Topics will continue to be added daily.  Ok, maybe not daily. Check back soon, and check back often. Knowing how important you are to our country; we are here to show our appreciation to you!

Unlike other sites you may find, we are not partial to any one viewpoint and go beyond what is always viewed to be politically correct. While our intentions are not to offend, our mission is quite clear; we will supply you with the power to maximize your ongoing benefits.

You Serve = You Deserve

There are many opportunities, along with injustices, associated with the Military and Veterans; this site is to bring BOTH to your attention, starting with the #1.

Veterans going to jail

Our Veterans are fighting a war at home.

A marine veteran is going to fix a broke system

You Didn't Serve = You Don't Deserve

Veterans are being exploited.
FACT: Judges care little about the law and veterans rights.

Veterans wrongly going to jail


Veteran's Organizations Uniting




While exploring the Veterans’ Corner, you will discover that it is never too early or too late to reap the rewards and benefits available to you. Follow the personal guidance of a fellow veteran to gain valuable insight into what it takes to prove and win your disability claim. Find out secret tips and how to avoid common pitfalls that many do not want you to know when dealing with the government!


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Did you know?

As children turn to their parents for security, our Nation turns to you, our Military, for protection. With recruiting goals missed for a second year, who will replace you?

If you are a service-connected disabled Veteran and lose employment due to your disability, you may be eligible to receive 100% compensation while unemployed.

You may be eligible for military retirement if you are rated at 30% or more for a service-connected disability when exiting service.

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