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There are many opportunities, along with injustices, associated with the Military and Veterans; this site is to bring BOTH to your attention.

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If we want to protect and preserve the country we all love, we can no longer be complacent towards attitudes and changes that are accruing within our borders on a daily basis. Although our ideas may not seem popular to everyone, there are pressing issues that we look forward to addressing, and with open minds, we welcome your participation. Burning Issues.



While exploring the Veterans’ Corner, you will discover that it is never too early or too late to reap the rewards and benefits available to you. Follow the personal guidance of a fellow veteran to gain valuable insight into what it takes to prove and win your disability claim. Find out secret tips and how to avoid common pitfalls that many do not want you to know when dealing with the government!


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Evaluating Federal and Community Efforts to Eliminate Veteran Homelessness

A Review of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Timeless Honor: Reviewing Current Operations of our National Cemeteries

An Examination of Waste Associated with VA’s Management of Land-Use Agreements

Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund: Inquiry into the Adequacy of Process in Verifying Eligibility

The Role of the State Approving Agencies in Ensuring Quality Education Programs for Veterans

Legislative Hearing

VA’s Longstanding Information Security Weaknesses Continue to Allow Extensive Data Manipulation

Miller Statement on Firing of VA Pittsburgh Director Two Years After Deadly Disease Outbreak

WASHINGTON Chairman Jeff Miller released the below statement following VA’s announcement that VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Director Terry Gerigk Wolf has been fired.

“Given that Wolf’s firing comes two years after the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Legionnaires’ disease outbreak ended, it’s obvious VA had no interest in holding her accountable initially and was only driven to this point after intense congressional and media scrutiny. Still, this action falls fall short of what’s needed to provide closure to the veterans and families struck by an outbreak that VA failed to stop and actively hid from the public. Though VA is finally holding someone accountable, we must also remember that the department has rewarded other central figures in the outbreak. Wolf’s boss collected a $63,000 bonus days after the Inspector General attributed the outbreak to mismanagement and VA recently promoted Wolf’s deputy even though internal emails provide smoking-gun evidence he tried to hide the outbreak from the public. Though Wolf’s removal is a positive step, VA still has a lot to learn about honesty, integrity and accountability, and this action doesn’t change that fact.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Assessing the Implementation of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014

Did you know?

As children turn to their parents for security, our Nation turns to you, our Military, for protection. With recruiting goals missed for a second year, who will replace you?

If you are a service-connected disabled Veteran and lose employment due to your disability, you may be eligible to receive 100% compensation while unemployed.

You may be eligible for military retirement if you are rated at 30% or more for a service-connected disability when exiting service.

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